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The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
Probably the most anticipated and ambitious project in Nintendo history. Due out on November 19th, the new Zelda is aimed for hardcore players while the Wii Sports are aimed for non/casual gamers. The game is inspired by the classic Ocarina of Time. The game is huge, spanning more than 50 hours. As Link, the hero, you will roam through villages, solve puzzles and eventully do something that will set the story in motion. You are set to save the people of Hyrule from the evils that overtaking your world. All in all this games looks very exciting and I'm sure any hardcore Nintendo fan can't wait to get their hands on this one.
Super Smash Bros.:Brawl
Only announced in May at E3, and due out sometime in 2007, the highly popular Super Smash Bros. series is back for its next installment on the Wii. With all the playable characters from the last installment, plus five new characters already on the way(Pit from Kid Icarus, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Zero Suit Samus the blue "no suit" Samus from Metroid:Zero Mission, Metaknight from Kirby and Wario), this game seems to be highly anticpated to be one of the best on the Wii. Featuring the addictive gameplay, plus an all new online play featuring a huge multiplayer mode. The gameplay features the classic Gamecube control scheme, so you know this will be one to buy.
Castlevania:Portrait of Ruin
This Castlevania game, a sequel to perhaps one of the best Nintendo DS games Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow, is in fact true to classic Castlevania games, no more sloppy, uninventive and unnecessary touch screen elements. This new Castlevania will also feature new multiplayer that can be experienced both locally and over the internet. In a nutshell you will encounter over 100 diverse enemies in an adventure tostop Dracula's resurrection. You can summon a partner to execute cooperation attacks to decimate you enemies. You can collect magicalitems, weapons and learn various magic skills throughout the game to help in over throwing your oppostion. This looks like a solid DS title that incorporates a new style of multiplayer and a return to classic Castlevania, all in all this is one to look forward to.
Final Fantasy III
A missing piece in Final Fantasy world of North America, this FF brings a dynamic job-changing system that brings a near infinite possible patry variations. Colorful 3-D graphics brings the FFIII to life with full capabilities of the DS. The stylus allows you explore dungeons, dispatch foes and cast spells all with the motion of your hand. Overall looks to be a solid title and should be welcomed gracefully to all Final Fantasy fans.
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